Marco Barisione
Karton is a tool to transparently run Linux programs on macOS, on another Linux distro, or on a different architecture (ARMv7 and ARMv8, on a x86-64 host).
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Where’s My Sound
Where’s My Sound adds an icon in the menu bar of your macOS desktop showing what kind of device is currently selected for playing audio.
This is useful to avoid accidentally playing music from your speakers when you were expecting sound to come from your headphones.
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Markoshiki is a logic puzzle game, similar to Sudoku or Futoshiki.
In Markoshiki you are presented with a board, split in four quadrants, with some numbers already in it. Your goal is to fill the missing numbers using the existing ones as hints.
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Raspberry Pi
Epiphany, the GNOME browser, was optimised to provide a full desktop browsing experience (including video playback and YouTube support) on Raspberry Pi 1 and 2, despite the limited resources available.
Several contributions to the GNOME desktop environment:
  • Implemented a configurable syntax highlighting engine for gedit and GtkSourceView.
  • Added support for regular expressions to GLib (the core library used by GNOME and GTK+).
  • Implemented several features for the GTK+ port of the WebKit browser engine, including downloads, pop-up support, proxies, etc.
  • Worked on the Telepathy IM framework, the Empathy chat client, and their integration in GNOME.
  • Other smaller contributions.
clang-format hooks
A series of scripts to apply a coding style with clang-format only to new code added to an existing code base.
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Beamer Torino
Beamer Torino is a pretty theme for Beamer, the LaTex class used to create slides for presentations.
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TransEquilibrium is a Twitter bot which translates a user's tweets back and forth between English and Japanese until the translation is stable, that is translating the tweet further is not going to change it any more.
The reTrumplation Twitter account, translating Donald Trump's tweets, is the reason this bot was written.
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Italia Viva